CCTV: A Friend That Keeps an Eye on Things for You

Core Security - Dublin - CCTV Installation

The use of closed-circuit television systems, also known as CCTV, has considerably increased over the last two decades. It is believed that the advance of technology has greatly contributed to this, as nowadays it is possible to have high quality of image footage and signal transmission at a reasonable price. Applications of CCTV: Security Cameras […]

Carbon Monoxide

Core Security - Dublin - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptom - Headache

A Silent Enemy of Home Security Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas produced by the incomplete combustion of organic fossil fuels (such as oil, gas, or coal), due to insufficient oxygen supply to enable complete oxidation to carbon dioxide (CO2). It is naturally found in very small amounts in the atmosphere, but concentrations of […]

Core Security is Much More Than Alarm Systems

Core Security - Dublin - Alarm Box

Stay on Top of Alarm Systems and Security Tips and News Core Security is an Irish company that provides home and business owners with a complete security solution. That means we are not only on the alarm systems business. Our services go beyond that, to ensure that you don’t have to go though any kind […]

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