CCTV: A Friend That Keeps an Eye on Things for You

The use of closed-circuit television systems, also known as CCTV, has considerably increased over the last two decades. It is believed that the advance of technology has greatly contributed to this, as nowadays it is possible to have high quality of image footage and signal transmission at a reasonable price.

Applications of CCTV: Security Cameras and Beyond

The main reason why home and business owners, as well as public authorities, have CCTV cameras installed is security. However, there are many different purposes for the use of video surveillance:

  • to supervise industrial processes where the conditions are dangerous for humans;
  • to ensure the safety of people where vehicles or machines are being operated;
  • to monitor patients in a hospital or a child sleeping in another room of a house;
  • to see and identify people who approach a private area;
  • to monitor road traffic.

Security Cameras: Find the Type and Size That is Perfect for You

Because security cameras can be fitted for many different purposes, there is also a wide variety of them to choose from. By understanding the different types of cameras and their uses, you can have a security system built based on your own needs.

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Wired cameras might be harder to install and more vulnerable as someone may cut the cables. However, they typically have a better quality image.

Wireless cameras may have the signal interrupted or intercepted if it’s not properly encrypted, as the data travels through the air, but are cheaper and more flexible.

Large cameras are visible and ideal for outdoors use, and this may help to intimidate possible intruders.

Smaller cameras can be easily hidden if you don’t want people to know they are under video surveillance.

The type and number of cameras used on a CCTV system depends on various aspects such as the purpose of the surveillance and the size of the area. It is also important to know that you can have either one or a combination of different equipments according to what best suit your needs.

Debates about Security versus Privacy

It is proved that the use of CCTV has helped prevent crime in certain areas and is also a reliable source for criminal investigation. On the other hand, some people feel concerned about the negative impact on civil liberties, as its excessive use may lead to loss of privacy.

The Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2003 states that “a data controller needs to be able to justify the obtaining and use of personal data by means of a CCTV system” and “a system used to control the perimeter of a building for security purposes will usually be easy to justify”.

The Importance of CCTV Monitoring and Other Advantages

Surveillance equipment installed for security purposes should be used in combination with an alarm system and connected to a monitoring station. They have the appropriate knowledge and technology to record the images for further investigation, in case there is a break in.

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However, some systems also allow you to access live footage on a laptop or mobile phone. Either one way or the other, technology is easily accessible nowadays and helps you have the peace of mind that your property is being watched by careful eyes while you are away.

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