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As a business owner or manager, you have a responsibility to protect your employees, your inventory, and your commercial property. Depending upon the size of your company, providing security can be a very daunting task. Core Security can provide the quality services and products necessary to alleviate this burden.


The Importance of Radio Security Systems for Business


Because radio technology is wireless, and does not rely upon landlines or phone towers, it can provide consistent, reliable, and comprehensive protection for an entire business complex.


With over 28 years of combined experience in the industry, Core Security has the experience and knowledge necessary to design and implement a business alarm system that includes:



Intruder Detection – Receive immediate notification when unwanted guests enter an internal or external perimeter within your business complex.




Carbon Monoxide, Smoke, and Fire Alarms – Core Security provides the installation of various heat and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure that every sector within your property is monitored and notified when there is a threat present.




Entry Control Systems – Gain greater control over who can access to your property through simple and easy to operate keypads. These systems make it easy to not only keep unauthorized people from entering, but also allow the business to track the arrival and departure times of employees.



CCTV Monitoring – CCTV users can access CCTV images of their property from internal monitors, or even from mobile phones while away from the office.




Intercom Systems – Communicate with guests or personnel at entry gates, or any other area of the commercial property, using innovative intercom systems design and installed by Core Security.




Security System Monitoring – Have trained security professionals monitor your business during work hours and while you are away, immediately responding to all security threats.




Maintenance – We understand that when running a business, you do not have time to constantly run tests on your security equipment. Core Security provides routine maintenance services to ensure that your alarm systems remain in top condition.


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