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What is “Core” Security About?

When you refer to the core of anything, you are referring to its essence, its fundamentals, and the heart of the matter. The team behind Core Security approach home and business alarm systems by first ensuring that they have all of the core elements covered. You can rest assured that you are receiving an efficient and effective security system that places emphasis on the most important factors, otherwise known as the core.

Getting to Know Core Security


Know that, if you choose to work with Core, you will be getting to know the guys behind this company much more personally than these few paragraphs will be able to express. The owners aim to not just have customers, but build long-lasting relationships with home and business owners. You can think of them as the friends that you call and trust to keep an eye on things for you; only, these friends are supported by innovative technology and over 28 years of combined experience in security.

Providing Reliable Home and Business Security Solutions

Along with providing friendly customer service, delivering superior home and business security is the highest priority at Core. We are able to accomplish this goal by providing:

  • 24/7 Protection Using Wireless Radio-Wave Security System
  • Intruder Detection Services
  • Carbon Monoxide, Smoke, and Fire Alarms
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring
  • Easy-To-Use Entry Controls and Intercoms
  • Maintenance of Security Systems
  • Mobile Access to CCTV Footage
  • And Much More

Not only does PSA-certified Core Security provide these valuable residential and commercial services, but we stand by them confidently as well by providing a full warranty for 12 months after installation. Schedule a consultation today to find out firsthand just how committed these guys are to protecting each and every client.

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To learn more about Core, or to receive a free estimate for services, contact our offices today.

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